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542718_4415460503736_2027602809_n 1. blender

Jack on santa nightlight, nov 2012 2. on nightlight

483426_4477311409970_479235104_n 3. working out

39bff5dc6010465828013f8b3d5e8ab5 4. baked christmas cookie pops


5. rudolph noses on pictures

19a21f1257c3965bb7c45bdc5e3865c2 5. nutcrackerc hostage

8004d9e682db6c66c65c5f1fd7b34c0b 6. eaten by dino

3608b010bb64fdf56e224deeb001b2cf 7. snow angel

d600b16507b1407995842a22e00d71b2 8. sink “bubble” bath

96ec77cc8f80f78a31d23aecba7809bf 9. making coffee

e2794ef34c90ab08216c6e72e3c6ec4e 10. goldfish fishing

31f9df18ed920e3b83e039fd8ad63bb3 11. rocking the baby jesus

cdb0ee80f6f6e30b76c043ed5870e897 12. mason jar hostage

ea5582f73919383abf87c2785c60b39b 13. spider-elf

f45cdffe30ce417ae5d2ba9eb45404be 14. marshmallow tic tac toe

e76cb39800246419ca89c971abacf4d3 15. paper snowflakes

cedb5fec53467fc5e5ae9b7b1570fffd 16. lincoln log campfire

9fe1566794ecb9f1775a85ed19520509 17. christmas story

d9b3c7ec4438ce480453fa9f2ed2305d 18. mirror tic tac toe

93a2fe0b551659e9320a55566f529ff9 19. ride on toy

b5f9367e17060c21c59c137656eae51c 20. under a cup

7b4b0639ec0020af6468f3664f0a7876 21. shaving

6cd1b737636536c87d4b74dc76ce804b 22. coloring

e87d0184d936826c683b44f930b95e09 23. draw on pictures

140bce402a9e7cdd8ebb77789598b5a9 24. potato sack race

22a24b75e0bc4369dc9e7204ad7ca591 25. elf wearing

263ceaaf66232a251ce495bd5fed55c9 26. toilet paper roll swing

b99d5192dfa6fbd9768cf1360268b7ca 27. in a vase

83190b534a94abb7dc438e1b22fe2ed6 28. cardboard reindeer

dc9ad67ac761b564a75be8422c7bc9da 29. rocket ship (click for printable)

42b8db02da9577dd09adca68396a5c43 30. sock sleeping bag

b95efeb60f187a2a8902ea61ed1c6650 31. easter basket

9ff2aaf85854d21b6d24bb3270299b24 32. umbrella

acc5d7a9d2f4eb385a6fcfd44d97e754 33. tub as a pool

32aaa7d0db1d682f6564a15cbf589907 34. ninja elf

b450636e24c475f8d78815be3704013d 35. qtip snowflake

f8a5a7563899e57ad413742213c54c0e 36. texting

55692055d6663e51e386d6d459f23041 37. bat-elf

0bea3a39d1110b5b8b3efde8a2a69ea0 38. eating the gingerbread house

e3d22977f9d53d3e4374fbfd1848cd7d 39. donut snowmen

35b9e946a991f08bd662c560155e31d3 40. roasting marshmallows

1c7e0f22c89fd11a113376b4aafce130 41. cabinet handles

cd953f159ead06ceb18385419b03998e 42. squeezing toothpaste

48c6c8c65fceec4910a03ab323924996 43. playing with cars

44fd870b3d7225d8d4437f638edf6931 44. unwrapping a present

5a3d7b5b61372c1c2a12ef3ba6505295 45. blocks

5e9d60ee8d93d9d6fdf6c2e6a795bc6a 46. sick elf

942ce0bc13efec316634c9e23b28bec7 47. diaper bag stow away

tumblr_lwa2961UCE1r755nso1_400 48. making popcorn

Ginger-Elf-Shelf 49. blocking the door

dsc_0333-199x300 50. toilet paper the tree

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16 comments on “50 elf on the shelf ideas

  1. Rachel N

    The snow angel and the babywearing one are too cute.

  2. Piper Leigh

    Thanks for the great ideas! We are starting this tradtion this year. :)

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  4. Marcy

    I need to know where you went to print off the spiderman face!!!! My boys are going to LOVE that one.


      1. melissa

        I went to websit and dont see a print out. Please help would love to do this one.

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  6. Jane

    Hi there,
    I’m a features journalist on the New York Post. Just sent you an email to ask permission to reproduce some of your elf images, crediting your blog. If you don’t receive it, can you email me at jridleyATnypostDOTcom asap? Thanks! Jane

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  8. Jen

    Love this!!! What did you use as tounge in Christmas story???

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