cranberry glazed chicken


i love cranberries. there are cranberry bogs all over south jersey. it may even be our state crop, but im honestly not positive. i remember going every year on field trips to the bogs, and usually returning with bags of raw cranberries. i honestly cannot remember if my mom made anything with them, or what she did once they were home. i love the smell, the color, the taste. that sweet tartness is unique and delicious. there are so many ways to use cranberries, but as a glaze is one of my favorites.

1656326_10202167395365440_1038111265_n this recipe is going to be a huge hit in your house, if you are a fan of cranberries! it will make your house smell like you have one of those impossible to really recreate tarts burning from scentsy or yankee candle. i would probably make this weekly if i wasnt worried the boys would get sick of it, so now i make it every other week if i can, even though it is a little labor intensive. it doesnt take too much work, but after getting spoiled by the slow cooker and most of the easy recipes i throw together, this does take a little more time, but i promise it is worth it in the end!


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